"we have a warm heart for cold noses"

8 WEEKS ~ $135  call 440-354-3036 or email [email protected]

ADVANCED OBED.  Thursdays 6-7pm  $8  "Come & be heeled!"
CONFORMATION CLASSES Wednesdays 7-8pm  Just $8 (ON HOLD)

    The best reference for choosing a knowledgable and compassionate trainer who has your dog's best interest in mind is testimonials from past and current clients. Here are just a sampling of comments from many of my clients. Also ask your vet for their opinion of trainers in your area.
     I strongly advise steering clear of pet store franchises offering dog training classes. The majority of the instructors have very little experience with actual training. They will boast at being a "certified" trainer which usually means they studied the corporate handbook and watched their video with little or no hands on experience with dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. When it comes to any difficult behavioral issues they will refer you to a "dog behaviorist" as opposed to be able to solve the issue.  
A qualified dog trainer will not hesitate to address any issues presented to them and will not turn away any dog regardless of its' breed or problems.

 I have learned more than dog training in Barb's classes. Barb is always willing to help and has taught me so much about caring for my dogs. Any time I am in public I get compliments on how well behaved my dogs are, it started with Happy Tails. Barb's classes are well worth it! - Matt McMillan

I've trained dogs with Barb for many years. I have learned how to tell them what I want and how to get them to do it both in obedience and conformation. Barb is extremely knowledgeable and up to date on current practice and her main focus is always the dog! Four paws up!! - Laurie Walters

 Barb and Happy Tails Dog Training has help me train All my spotted dogs. Barb is very knowledgeable when it comes to raising and training your four legged companion. Highly Recommended!!! - Joanne Shupp

 I've taken my dogs to Barb for training over the last 18 years. My 2 current dogs, Labrador Retrievers have both achieved their Therapy Dog accreditation after completing Barb's basic and intermediate courses. Her training methods teach both the owner and the dog how to work together! I have gotten consistent comments from people on how well trained my girls are and asked where they received their training.- Nancy Doubler

"We wanted to say thanks for all your patience and expertise in training our new family member. It is amazing how well he listened once we got to the end of the beginner’s class. So much so that we enrolled him in the intermediate class and not only did we enjoy this class our puppy got just as much out of it. I especially appreciated how much time and effort you put into advising us while we were trying to find our puppy. - Ed & Deanne Pike

​My family has taken a total of eleven dogs, of several different breeds, to Barb's classes. We started in 1993, and the most recent was our 17 year old son who took his young German Shepherd Dog through basic and intermediate obedience in spring of 2016. Some were family pets, some competed in obedience or agility, and others were Search dogs who require excellent obedience, self-control, and manners with people and other dogs. Barb is knowledgeable and experienced in training dogs to be obedient, but is also addresses common issues with feeding, grooming, and managing pet dogs at home. - Debbie Rosch

​ We have trained with Barb for years! Our 17 year old Westie Max was a star student! Barb taught me to have patience and be consistent. We now have another dog that we show in conformation and her classes have been invaluable! She has helped us put many titles on our dog! The best is she gave us the foundation for Hattie to become a therapy dog! Through her classes we have also made many new and wonderful friends! - Charlene Lorek

​In the past 22 years, I have taken 6 dogs through Barb's Obedience classes.The first dog I took to Barb's classes was 2 years old when I started. So they don't have to be puppies to attend. All have done Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. I have put AKC Obedience titles on 3 of those 6 dogs. I also show dogs in conformation, and have taken a total of 9 dogs to the Conformation classes. It's nice to be able to train outside in the grass in the summer and indoors in the winter. Also, having mats like the conformation rings at shows is very helpful. I would recommend Happy Tails to all dog owners. If it is just to have a dog that behaves when you take it to a pet store, or if you want to compete with your dog, Happy Tails will let you accomplish this. - Sue Collands